Maps, Prints & Photographs

Outside of the books, ephemera and manuscripts there are a wide range of other items on display at the monthly Bloomsbury Book Fair. The three largest areas are:


Antique and old maps have a strong and dedicated following, despite these times of SatNav and online maps. Cartography continues to excite those with an appreciation of the map as an objet d’art, with a passion for travel, or even for the rigours of mapping as a scientific process, and the Etc Fairs cater for these enthusiasms handsomely, with a selection of maps sometimes ranging from the earliest separately produced examples, perhaps even with contemporary hand-colouring, to modern maps and guides.


‘Prints’ cover such a wide variety of areas & interests that it would be impossible to encapsulate it fairly in a few words, but topographic views, architectural perspectives, ornamental illustration, engraved portraits, sporting scenes and caricatures across a broad spectrum of dates feature large amongst the offerings regularly to be found at the Bloomsbury Book Fair, as well as our sister fairs.


Photography is it seems an increasingly popular area of collecting; since its inception in the mid 19th century it has commanded an ever increasing respect as a medium, moving from a somewhat technically complicated chronicler of events through to a ubiquitous technology and a highly regarded artform in its own right. Cartes-de-visite, scenes from foreign travels, architectural splendour, portraiture, war reportage, eroticism, surreal plays on the world around us and limited edition prints by modern artists that can achieve staggering prices, it really has become one of the markets to be involved in as a collector, or a dealer. The Bloomsbury Book Fair often features splendid examples of all the above, as well as photographically illustrated books show-casing some of the great photographers, from Fox Talbot to Angus McBean, Cartier-Bresson and Man Ray, through to the likes of Robert Mapplethorpe and Diane Arbus, and the unique perspective on the world these artists provided.


If you are an established dealer in any of these sectors, or even if you are just an enthusiastic collector who is wanting to meet and deal with more specialists in these fields, contact us now to find out about stand availability and prices.

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